Give British Citizens living abroad increases to State pensions as in the UK.

I’ve made a petition – will you sign it?

Click this link to sign the petition:

My petition:

Give British Citizens living abroad increases to State pensions as in the UK.

Change the rules to bring UK Citizens abroad in line with others on State Pensions.Give British Citizens living abroad in any country the same annual increases to their State pensions as people living in the UK get. British Citizens living abroad in certain countries do not get increase.

Because it is the right thing to do. British Citizens should receive the same rights as every other British Citizen

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A few of my predictions for the next few years


My Crystal Ball

The Covid-19 virus will be gone by about July/August 2020.

Why will this happen?

There are two main actions that will cause it to disappear:

  • It will be discovered that some existing drugs will destroy the virus when combined together.
  • The roll-out of 5G will help to destroy the virus but with consequences which I will come too a little later. Why will 5G help. 5G uses radio waves in the Microwave Band and because of that they do not have such a long range but can penetrate objects that 3G and 4G cannot, so will result in better reception, but that requires more radio towers and has consequences. We all know what Microwaves do, they make the molecules in any object they strike vibrate millions of times causing them to head up and the waves are of course a form of radiation (oops). So these will affect the human bodies they pass through. This IMO, will help erradicate covid-19 but will cause more cases of cancer in the process. So I predict that covid-19 will disappear by about July/August 2020. However, it will return again in about 2029-2031 and following a pandemic yet again will then be erradicated again and will never return again.

Cancer cases will increase substantailly over the next 3 years:

Why will this happen?

The main cause will be 5G. We all know that radio waves that we are pounded with every day from Mobile Phones, Wi-fi, TV, Radio, household items etc. are not good for our health, and some of them, depending on the radio frequencies can cause cancers. Just look at History, before mobile phones, wi-fi etc there were very few cases of cancer, the number of cases only started growing after all these radio devices were introduced. And now with 5G transmitting radio signals in the Microwave range with higher power levels and capable of penetrating more materials and add to that, that they will be putting up more radio masts than ever before, it is inevitable IMO that the cancer incidents will increase.

Steve Riches.

DISCLAIMER: The details above are my opinion, some of the above is based on factual evidence whilst some is my own strong feelings of what will happen, so you should not treat this as guaranteed.

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Natural Thai Remedy for Kidney Stones

Hi, I would like to share with you a natural remedy for Kidney Stones that worked for me and could help others. A little history; A few years back I was in and out of  hospital with suspected kidne…

Source: Natural Thai Remedy for Kidney Stones

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My Life

Basil Riches

You were more than just a husband,

much more than just a Dad,

You were a friend to everyone,

that made us oh so glad,

But now you’re up in heaven,

although ’twas far too soon,

we know that you’ll be waiting for us,

just beyond the moon.

You may be gone but never forgotten.


Just Beyond the Moon

Steve Riches 2011

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2013 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 1,100 times in 2013. If it were a cable car, it would take about 18 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.


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Some Thailand Facts



Here are a few facts about life in Thailand:

  • Council Tax Cost:  B0 – (£0 approx).
  • Minimum Wage:  B300 – (£6 approx) per Day.
  • Refuse Collection: B30 – (60p approx) per Month.
  • Typical Water Bill: B120 – (£2.40 approx) per Month. 
  • Typical Electricity Bill: B400 – (£8 approx) per Month.
  • Broadband ADSL (10Mbps): B590 – (£11.50 approx) per Month.
  • Fixed Line Telephone: 100B – (£2 approx)  per Month.
  • Diesel: B30 – (60p approx) per litre.
  • Petrol: B42 – (84p approx) per litre.
  • Iced Coffee: from B10 – (from 20p approx) per large cup.
  • Large Prawns: B120 – (£2.20 approx) per Kilogram
  • Small Car: B400,000 (£8,000 approx)
  • Large 7 Seater SVU 4WD 3.0L D4D Auto: B1,400,000 – (£28,000 approx)
  • 3 Bedroom 2 Bathroom Concrete/Brick house: B1,300,000 – (£26,000 approx)
  • 32″ TFT/LCD TV: from B7,999 – (£185 approx)
  • Air Conditioner 9,000BTU with fitting: B9-10,000 – (£200 approx).
  • Mobile Phone Sim Card: B49 – (£1 approx)
  • Mobile phone calls per minute (in Thailand): B1 – (2p approx) per minute
  • Cigarettes (pack of 20):  B65 – (£1.30 approx)
  • Singha Beer (Can):  25B – (50p approx) each
  • See Private Specialist Doctor: B150 (£3 approx) per visit
  • Private Kidney Stone removal operation: B42,000 – (£900 approx) Includes private Hospital Room, Nursing costs, and all operation associated costs and medication)

Compare these with the UK? Comments?

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Thailand ISP’s Throttling Internet

Thailand ISP’s are throttling users use of the Internet, also called ‘Traffic Shaping’, particularly on access to sites like You Tube and Facebook and all International site access.

It has become so bad on You Tube with TOT, that with the supposedly 1Mbps upload speed, the most you can achieve to YouTube is less than 5Kbps, which means uploading a 60Mb viedo takes over 12 hours to upload. The download from YouTube is also ‘Traffic Shaped’ so that videos jerk, and stop/start because they cannot get the data fast enough.

TOT, 3BB and True are all ‘traffic shaping’, some more than others. From personal experience and investigations TOT has increased their ‘throttling’ considerably over the past few months.

There are three main issues here:

1. Do these ISP’s not realise that they are actually NOT reducing users use of the Internet, NOR are they reducing the load on their servers or making more bandwidth available to other users. A user that wants to upload a video of other things to other servers, is going to keep trying until they do, with the throttling in place this means that they get far more failures, the dropped packetes have to be re-transmitted until they get through and what would be over and done with in a few minutes is actually tieing up even more bandworth for many hours. If there was no throttling the files would be uploaded and the bandwidth available to other users much quicker.

2. The ISP’s advertise 16Mbps with 1Mbps upload, for around 1,400 Baht per month, and 10Mbps with 1Mbps upload for 590 Baht per month.  It doesn’t matter which of the above you have you will NOT get what you pay for, and even more importantly you will only get around 5Kbps upload whether you have the 590 Baht or 1,400 baht service, The downloads being throttled too, means that you will get the same download speed for 590 bahts as you do for 1,400 bahts, So go for the cheapest option and you will have the maximum speed they will let you have. If you are accessing a site that is hosted in Thailand you may get better results as access to some of them is not throttled by the ISP’s.

3. The advertised speeds by the ISP’s are not real, they are fabricated by the ISP’s. They have all set up there own Speed Test Sites, and the servers they are hosted on have no throttling applied to them, so if you carry out a speedtest using one of them, you will appear to be getting the speeds they advertise. Very low practices indeed! Also some ISP’s have removed the throttling to some international speed test sites particulary those in LA, so that it appears they are giving faster speeds Internationally too!

This is not just happening in Thailand but in other Countries too, although possibly not to the same extent. Some ISP’s are playing the game and giving you what you pay for, for example Plusnet in the UK does no apparent throttling at all, you get what ever is available, NTL/Virgin however, are throttling your connection considerably, even though they ‘Offer’ the fastest speeds.

It is time that these ISP’s stopped throttling, and give the users what they pay for!

It is time for the laws to be changed to force IP’s (who are making billions out of us users) to stop ‘Traffic Shaping’ and make the Internet what it was designed to be FREE to everyone, and by FREE I don’t just mean FREE from payment to use it, but FREE of restrictions, such as throttling.

Whilst I realise it will never be totally FREE, as you wil always have to pay an ISP for the ‘door’ to access the FREE Internet, you should, at least get the speeds you are paying for without restrictions.




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New Facebook Scam – Warning!

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Bank of Thailand Issues Two New Notes

On 3rd July 2555 (2012), the Bank of Thailand announced the issue of two new commemorative bank notes. An 80 Baht Note and a new 100 Baht note.

An 80-baht (GBP 1.60) commemorative banknote will be issued to celebrate the queen’s 80th birthday anniversary on 12 August 2555 (2012). Likewise, a 100-baht (GBP2.00) commemorative banknote will be issued to celebrate His Royal Highness Crown Prince Maha Vajiralongkorn’s 5th Cycle Birthday Anniversary on 28 July 2555 (2012).

Thailand 80 Baht Note

Thailand 80 Baht Note

Thailand 80 Baht Note

Thailand 80 Baht Note

Two million commemorative 80-baht notes will be available as of 9 August encased with a hard-paper cover at 120 baht, and profits will be donated to charity. The blue note is unqiue in that it measures only 80 millimeters wide, representing 80 years of age. The front features a portrait of the king and queen. The watermark is of the queen with an electrotype crowned monogram. The Motion windowed thread on the back features the number 80 and the rose image.

100 Baht Note

100 Baht Note

100 Baht Note

100 Baht Note

Ten million commemorative 100-baht notes will be issued into circulation on 27 July 2012. The front of the note is the same as the current circulating 100-baht note, but the back has a portrait of the prince as well as a scene of His Royal Highness being conferred the title of Crown Prince.

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Bank of Thailand issues Two New Notes

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