Toyota problems a conspiracy?

Do you not feel that the Toyota problems are a conspiracy? …

Looking at the Toyota situation, it seems like there is a conspiracy in the USA to try and bring down Toyota.

Let's look at the facts:

USA home manufactured car sales were suffering very badly, but Toyota was doing well.
The states needed to do something to re-kindle jobs in the home market.

Why was Toyota called to congress to report on their problems when American car companies have recalled hundreds of thousands of cars with defections just as allegedly dangerous and have had to make no representation to Congress. :doh: It's appears yo be a big scam to deplete the sales of Toyota in the states and possibly other countries.

Every manufacturers accelerator pedals can stick if the carpets are not maintained and fitted correctly.

From personal experience I have had accelerator pedals stick on 2 cars and neither of them were Toyotas, one was a Peugeot and the other a Ford 😮 . The carpet manufacturers supply fixings for the rubber mat and carpet mat on the drivers side, but only too often are these not maintained.

I have had a Toyota for over two years now, the carpets were fitted with the correct fixings, and are checked regularly, due to my previous experiences, and they have never interfered with the accelerator :up: . The electronics have also never failed. I know many people that have Toyotas, 1 in 3 cars here are Toyotas and never has there been any talk of accelerator problems (we :heart: our Toyota).

And while we're on unfairities (probably thats not a real word :confused: ), why are the USA and other countries saying that Iran and North Korea and others cannot have Nuclear power stations 'cos they might create bombs :bomb: , when the USA, UK, Russia and other countries can have both Nuclear Power Stations and Bombs :confused: . Why is it OK for one or more countries to have them and then say that other countries can't :confused: . What's good for one is good for all in my opinion :knight: . Why doesn't the USA, UK Russia and others get rid of all their Nuclear installations first, set an example, and then they can say that No country can have them :confused:

I've had my say :insane: , please feel free to comment and leave your thoughts.



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