Prime Minister to Fly to Flooded Hat Yai Today

Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva will fly down South to visit flood-hit Hat Yai district of Songkhla on Tuesday afternoon.

He has coordinated with the Southern Border Provinces Administration Centre on ways of helping the flood-hit people.

A C130 aircraft had left for Hat Yai with a number of flat-bottomed boats and relief supplies.

In Nakhon Si Thammarat it was reported that a depression landed on the province at about 2am on Monday, bringing with it heavy downpours. Preparations had been made to receive people expected to evacuate from coastal districts of Khanom, Sichon, Tha Sala, Muang and Hua Sai to high grounds.

There were particular concerns for Laem Talumphuk area from which about 400 people had been evacuated to the district office.

People in Muang, Warin Chamrap, Sawang Si, Wirawong, Tan Sung, and Don Mot Daeng districts had undergone an evacuation drill, raised their flood prevention walls, and braced for bulks of water expected to come along the Mun and Chi rivers by Nov 15.

In Trang province, local sources reported that following three days of heavy downpours which began on Sunday about 1,000 households in 20 tambons of Muang, Huay Yot, Ratsada, Yan Takhao, and Na Yong districts had been hit by floods.

Considerable damage had been made on livestocks and farmlands.

Many parts of Trang-Phatthalung highwaty had been inundated, particularly in Tambon Nayong Nua municipal area of Nayong district, making it impassable.

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