South Thailand Sees Night of Torrential Rain, High Winds and Flooding

Last night here in Hua Sai we saw torrential rain and all of yesterday, with high winds developing in the evening.

In Hat Yai:

About 10,000 local residents and tourists in Hat Yai were trapped by flash floods which hit the southern tourist city early Tuesday morning, Hat Yai Mayor Prai Pattano said.

The flood water in the city’s business area was measured at two to three metres deep, he said.

Mr Prai said the situation is much more severe than the flood that hit the city in 2000.

“No one had expected that the situation would be so critical, and therefore there was no evacuation of residents or tourists,” he admitted.

In Hat Yai, many schools are closed and low-lying areas along canals are at risk of flooding because of the swelling waterways. Residents were advised to move their belongings to high ground and stay on alert for emergency evacuation to four locations prepared for them.

In Songkhla:

Na Thawi district hospital in Songkhla province was forced to close and transfer 37 patients to another medical center after the area was hit by early morning flash floods, director Suwat Viriyapongsukit said.

“Floods have reached the building at around one meter high and we cannot operate,” he told the news.

The floodwater level in Na Thawi was 20 centimetres away from breaching the district hospital, where 80 patients had been moved to the second floor of a building, as 2-metre sandbag barriers surrounding the compound could collapse because of the strong currents.

In Phatong:

A flood in Ban Thung Lung in tambon Phatong, 30-50cm in height, forced residents to carry away their belongings while building makeshift dykes to prevent water entering their homes. An urgent warning later predicted flooding throughout Hat Yai by 9pm, Phrai said.

Nakhon Si Thammarat:

In Nakhon Si Thammarat, two people, Nit Chinnawong and Surin Riyaphan, drowned, bringing flood fatalities across the country to 105, including three foreigners, as reported by the disaster prevention and mitigation department.

The three unidentified foreigners were a Burmese, a Cambodian and a Dutchman.

In Phuket:

In Phuket, a mudslide warning for 10 locations was issued while monitoring at those locations was under way. The areas at greatest risk are Ban Kalim, Ban Mai Riab, Ban Nua, Ban Chid Cheo and Wat Mai.

In Pattani:

In Pattani, floods on main streets in urban areas caused heavy traffic congestion, and a warning was issued for fishing trawlers against going offshore.

Authorities say the nationwide floods, which began on Oct. 10, have affected about five million people and left 105 dead, although until now they were mostly in central, northern and eastern parts of the country.

The south is facing heavy rain this week and officials warned of further flash floods in the region, although the problem has subsided in some areas further north.

Some pictures from the recent floods:


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