The Rains have Subsided

Although we have had some rain ……. …

Although we have had some rain overnight and this morning, it was not as heavy as in previous days.

However, from the Bangkok Post:

Sixteen bodies believed to be crew members of trawlers capsized in heavy seas earlier this week have been found in Pattani province.

Twelve bodies were found washed ashore on Dato beach in Yaring district on Thursday, while four more corpses were found yesterday in the same district.

The dead were believed to be migrant workers whose nationality and names have not been established.

Authorities said 11 crewmen from a trawler swam to safety on a beach in tambon Laem Phothi in Yaring district yesterday.

They were exhausted after floating in the sea for days. All were from the Northeast. They said about six boats had sunk in stormy seas. Many more crew members are missing.

Yesterday, Farida Jeyapa, a 17-year-old student, drowned after slipping into flood water while playing with friends in Muang district.

The southern provinces are being warned to brace for more heavy rain as they count the damage from a devastating depression earlier this week.

Widespread flooding devastated the commercial district of Hat Yai in Songkhla.

Neighbouring provinces also suffered heavy floods that damaged homes and the fishing industry, the backbone income generator for residents.

Due to the influence of the La Nina climate phenomenom, southern Thailand had a considerably higher level of moisture in the air that heightened the volume and frequency of rainfall, the Meteorological Department said yesterday.

The amount of rainfall in the monsoon season in the South is likely to increase by 10% from last year, said deputy director-general Somchai Baimuang.

Wet weather has spread in the upper South.

PM's Office Minister Sathit Wongnongtoey, who oversees the government's flood relief operations, said landslide alerts were in effect in some areas of Surat Thani, Nakhon Si Thammarat, and Songkhla.

Some more images of the floods:


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