Issues with New MyOpera that need addressing

Some issues that I think MyOpera guys need to address that are important to me:

  • Only 10 blogs appearing in New Blogs in the community.
  • My Favourites needs to go back on the Blog Menu bar.
  • Previous Blog posts need to appear in the blog sidebar.
  • Link to 'username' About page needs to appear in the top drop down menu.
  • Tools on the new blog post screen need to have an option to start with every new blog post. (always use at least one of the tools when writing a blog.)
  • Twitter and Facebook link posting issues need to be resolved.
  • Mis-counting of friends on sidebar.
  • Connection issues – Cannot connect to server, Guru Meditating and Bad Requests
  • Photo descriptions not displaying correct ones

    There will probably be more when I find them.

Got more ? want to add to this list, please post a comment.

An observation:

Although there are some issues, that I am assured the MyOpera Guys are working 24/7 to resolve, the New MyOpera is faster, and pretty good. The only down point is non-MyOpera visitors, may have difficulty locating links to some pages, as they do appear to be quite cleverly hidden in some cases. Yes, some of the links we are claiming have gone are still there, but neatly hidden. EG: there is a direct link to your About page, by clicking your Photo on the page that appears when you click your name in the top menu, or the Latest Activities Link. Personally, I'd rather it went to my About page when I clicked my Name and to the Latest Activities page when I click Latest Activities 🙂 .

Another page that is quite well hidden, is the Favourites Tab, this can now be found on your About Page Sidebar (If you have enabled it in your settings and have saved some favourites), and is shown as a link entitled Show All Favourites. OOps! sorry should read favorites, they use the American english not the Queens English :queen: .

As I said before, the links appear to be all there, it's just an Easter Egg hunt to find them! Fun yeh?:devil:

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You have to dream, before your dreams can come true. ..................................... If all you own is a hammer, every problem starts looking like a nail. ..................................... If Life was easy, we would all live forever. .....................................
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10 Responses to Issues with New MyOpera that need addressing

  1. noisyandy says:

    I think the avatar with link to about page needs to go back to avoid confusion when more than one My Opera user uses one computer.Also the mobile site needs reinstating…it has gone and the full site is not easy to use on any phone 😡 Duplications on the top menu bar which should sit on top of the title bar, not hover above it…mine does, and a friend's.I'll let you know if I think of more.Make the inbox more obvious, a friend couldn't find it!

  2. Aleksander says:

    Thanks for the feedback! We will look into it, please allow us a few days to work out the bugs we found when going live!

  3. SteveRiches says:

    Post on MyOpera Issues has been Updated.

  4. noisyandy says:

    There are many users who access My Opera only with mobile devices. They cannot now delete messages (there are no tick boxes or delete options as on a desktop) and I believe alter blogs and other entries. You cannot switch between desktop/mobile sites as used to be the case. The site does not render properly on 3 phones I have tried either. :down:

  5. SteveRiches says:

    The old 'Hanging on last element' when drawing the page seems to have returned. every page is hanging. It's not the Opera Browser, as all other pages on other sites load fine.

  6. noisyandy says:

    What's more it can take a long time, ten minutes or more on my slowcoach laptop, for Opera to clear out of the system. Some flash sites have frozen the whole browser, and even the entire machine needing a reset! Other browsers: no problem at all with flash :irked:

  7. noisyandy says:

    I find that Opera often has problems with flash, and java can take several minutes or more to get going, so it may be those components on a page making it hang.

  8. SteveRiches says:

    It must be the java, as pages with no flash on hang too. It might be that the session cache is holding on to bits of java, as I have found that sometimes, if i shut down opera browser and restart the pages start loading again for a few minutes, then start hanging again.

  9. SteveRiches says:

    It looks like the MyOpera guys are working hard to fix the issues with the new MyOpera, Twitter and Facebook posts are now working again. :up: Great job guys, not far to go now.

  10. noisyandy says:

    I haven't had any trouble with Twitter or Facebook, my posts are getting through. I'm not that keen on the write or share box though, it's superfluous, like the dupicated links on the users' pages.

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