On This Day – Nov 28 – in History – Maggie Thatcher Resigned

On the 28th November, 1990 : Margaret Thatcher formally tendered her resignation to the Queen and leaves Downing Street for the last time.

Also on this day:

  • 1944 – The soldier to plant the first bomb in Tokyo sent notice to his wife of this event via Associate Press. The reason why AP was transmitting this notice to his wife is because there were no telephones or telegraphs to use at the time. Not only that, air mail was expected to take over a week.
  • 1956 – The British government had released further details of it's proposed petrol rationing to begin the following month. Personal drivers were allowed sufficient petrol to drive 200 miles per month or about 2 gallons of petrol per week and businesses received an extra 4 gallons per month. As the government set out it's plans which were expected to last for 4 months the British Public began panic buying petrol, filling cars and any spare cans they could, local garages had therefore implemented their own form of petrol rationing for regular customers prior to formal rationing starting the following month .
  • 1967 – With new outbreaks of Foot and Mouth still increasing daily the National Hunt Committee, on the advice of the Ministry of Agriculture had cancelled all horse racing until further notice

Who was born Today in History?:

  • 1118 – Manuel I Komnenos, Greek Byzantine Emperor.
  • 1489 – Margaret Tudor, wife of James IV of Scotland.
  • 1628 – John Bunyan, England, cleric/author (Pilgrim's Progress).
  • 1700 – Sophia Magdalen of Brandenburg-Kulmbach, Queen of Denmark and Norway.
  • 1757 – William Blake, English poet/painter (Songs of Innocence & Experience).
  • 1763 – Matthaus Fischer, composer.
  • 1795 – Adolf Bernhard Marx, composer.
  • 1811 – Maximilian II Jozef, King of Bayern.
  • 1812 – Ludwig Mathias Lindeman, composer.
  • 1820 – Friedrich Engels, one of the founders of modern Communism.
  • 1857 – Alfonso XII, King of Spain.
  • 1864 – James Allen English writer.
  • 1866 – Arthur Frederick Augustus 'Dick' Lilley, cricket keeper (England).
  • 1904 – Nancy Mitford, English author (Love in a cold climate).
  • 1932 – Terence Frisby, poet/screenwriter (There's a Girl in My Soup).
  • 1935 – Prince Hitachi, Japanese royalty.
  • 1946 – Joe Dante, director (Matinee, Twilight Zone, Police Squad, Gremlins).
  • 1962 – Davey Boy Smith, English professional wrestler.
  • 1980 – Stuart Taylor, British footballer.
  • 1985 – Caitlin McClatchey, Scottish swimmer.

Know any more that were born today?, or were you born today?, post a comment below.

Quote of the day:
'We must not always talk in the market-place of what happens to us in the forest.'
Nathaniel Hawthorne


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