Our Rescued Cats in Thailand

Since moving to Thailand in 2007, we started rescuing abandoned kittens and cats. To date we have rescued 58 cats and kittens.

We moved to Thailand in December 2007, to a small town in the South East called Hua Sai. Unfortunately we had to leave our cat, Pearl, in the UK, she is now living with my mum.

Not long after we moved here my wife said that she had heard of a kitten being abandoned near a local junior school, “Can we go and see if we can find it?” she said. That’s where it all began…..

Our first kitten was Lucy (Pics below),  we  found her abandoned at the school and was only a couple of weeks old.  Lucy cannot sleep unless she has her towel which she sucks on, which she still needs even though she is now nearly 3 yrs old.

After Lucy we kept finding cats and kittens abandoned, so we started a Sanctuary for them, where they could get good food and care, and still be free to go and do whatever they wished.

We have set up a web site with full details and news about out cats and many photos too. Please Check it out at huasaicats.com.

Please visit Hua Sai Cat Sanctuary in Thailand at www.huasaicats.com

Here are some pictures of Lucy:

Please visit Hua Sai Cat Sanctuary in Thailand at www.huasaicats.com

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