How to Replace The O in the Top Menu with your Avatar or Santa

You see at the top of my page the O in the top menu has been replaced by Santa, however when you click Santa you are still taken to the Activity page as you were when the O was there.

How to replace the O:

  • Upload your avatar or image to your MyOpera files folder. (ideally no bigger than 128 x 128 pixels, 40 x 40 fits quite well)
  • If using only your custom user CSS add the following code:
    #header {   

    Where UserName is your MyOpera user name and image is the name of your picture or avatar.
    Save your CSS. Job Done! (The code above will also make the Top menu bar transparent. You can leave it as it was by removing the background:transparent line in the #header code block.)

  • If using one of the standard MyOpera themes, go to 'Customize Design', then 'Edit CSS'. Add the above code to the empty text box on the page and click the 'Use my custom style sheet together with the current blog design' radio button at the foot of the page and click 'Save'. Job Done!

    If you would like Santa for your page during the festive season, you can get him at the foot of my Web Site Home Page.

    If you find this useful please leave a comment.

    Please note the image will not appear if the viewer is using IE or FireFox, but will if they are using Chrome, Opera, or Safari.


About steveriches

You have to dream, before your dreams can come true. ..................................... If all you own is a hammer, every problem starts looking like a nail. ..................................... If Life was easy, we would all live forever. .....................................
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