Things you should know about the New Facebook Profile

Facebook have introduced a new profile page. Once you choose to use it you cannot go back to the old profile. The new design allows users to some new ways to express themselves and change the way others see them.

The new profile doesn't throw up any new security or privacy issues, but one privacy issue has gotten worse.

Some items, such as your birthday,location,education and professional experience are now much more prominent on your new profile page. The pictures you are tagged in are also more easily seen in your new profile.

You have a couple of options:

  • Adjust your settings so only you can see them.
  • Hide these items on your page.

Once you have activated the new profile go to Account > Privacy Settings:

under 'Connecting on Facebook' click 'View Settings':

Click on "Preview My Profile" to see how most of the people you allow access to your profile will see you.:

You can also enter a specific friend's name to see how they will see you, so if you have set different privacy settings for different groups of friends or facebook users you can see how each of them see your profile.

The facebook's photo tagging is very annoying, and in my opinion un-necessary, if they are your friends, they should know who is in the picture!
The only way you can stop a Facebook friend from tagging you in a picture or video, is to remove them as a friend, a bit severe don't you think?

Some users tag their friends in hideous or gross images as a joke. Some users tag people in photos that they are not even in just to get them to view the photo and make a comment. This wasn't a big issue in the old profile, but now that the photos you are tagged in appear at the top of your profile, it could be a big issue, as these horrific images will now appear to all your friends. So one mentally disturbed or sadistic friend can add to your profile loads of ridiculous images that your other friends may associate with you.

To fix this you have three choices:

  • Probably the best option is to only befriend those who are real friends and whom you trust.
  • Make sure your privacy settings for 'Photos and Videos I'm tagged in' to "Only Me". Go to Account > Privacy Settings > Customise Settings and under "Things others share" > 'Photos and Videos I'm tagged in' select 'Customise' then 'Omly Me'. You could of course exclude certain friends, but then you would have to go here again every time you add a new friend to adjust the settings.
  • Use Facebook Groups, but this is complicated and not guaranteed, so I won't go into this.

Your birthday is now more obvious, and even if you have only set to show it to friends, it can still show up in friends of friends Top News/Recent News particularly if you broadcast your activity. So please DO NOT use your birthday in passwords or pin numbers as people can easily find it on facebook.

You may also want to hide your work and education experience as this is now at the top of your profile, to change them to 'Friends Only' or 'Only Me', in general go to Account > Privacy Settings> Under 'Connecting on Facebook' > 'View settings' > 'See your education and work' select 'Customize' then 'Only Me'.

Now that MySpace has lost the fight and Facebook are about to take on LinkedIn and possibly another Google social network, even more of your personal information could be more visible to people using facebook. In doesn't take a rocket scientist to see what facebook are up to, not only are they trying to integrate facebook into every area of the web, with like buttons, share buttons , embedded activity lists and linked applications to mention but a few, they also want your facebook profile to be your ONLY profile on the web.

If you are going to continue using Facebook, like half a billion people currently do, it's worth thinking about your privacy and how others see you through Facebook.

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