Facebook Gives Apps Your Phone No and Address – No Opt Out

Facebook rolled out new permissions that give applications access to individuals’ addresses and phone numbers.

So if you use any app, like a game, the window you must click to allow it access to your profile (so you can use the game) now gets more personal info about you than ever before.

There is no way to opt-out. All personal data is being treated the same.

So if you want to play FarmVille you will have to give them access and permission to the home address and phone number in your profile. If you don’t you won't be farming!

This applies to all apps that want to use this feature, including ones that might be malicious, or application developers who want to sell your data to other parties.

It is all too easy to click through the authorise screen as the box looks the same as it did before, so it will be easy to miss, not only that the screen doesn't say it is now sharing your address and phone number.

Why do these external apps need access to this data anyway? If the app doesn't work on it's own, then why do we need it?


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