Amazing Thai Food

Thai food is incredible, the flavours, colours and varieties are endless. In essence most Thai food consists of

Traditional Thai Meal

Traditional Thai Meal

vegetables, and fish. Meet such as Pork, Chicken, Duck and Beef are relatively new additions to the Thai diet.

Food in Thailand is so much cheaper than in the UK and is available everywhere 24/7. On the sides of streets, restaurants and hotels, every where food. It is always so fresh, and the seafood is just amazing.

As an example 7 of us went to a good quality riverside restaurant, we had around 10 different seafood dishes, including huge king prawns, Tum Yam soup and fresh Sea Bass. With it we had a fresh Duck dish, and a Thai Chicken Green Curry, we had ice-creams for sweet. Together with the drinks the whole lot cost just 2,700 Bahts (around £38 – just £5.50 each!), and we couldn’t eat everything!

Some Thai food is very spicy, so if you do not like spicy food, tell the waiter/cook up front and they will cut down on the spices for you.

You will also find, especially in Bangkok, European/US/Japanese etc. outlets such as Pizza Hut, Kentucky, McDonalds, MK, Sorenson, Fuji, Mister Donut and many others. Central, Tesco, Big C, Carrefour and other hypermarkets also have restaurants within them.

But you must really try a traditional Thai riverside restaurant for a taste experience topped by no other.
There are many exotic fruits available, such as Jackfruit, Rambuten, Mango, Papaya and many more. You have not tasted Coconut juice until you have had a fresh, straight off the tree Coconut, drunk with a straw through a hole in the coconut  shell, you can get one for as little as 10 bahts (about 20p GBP).

Street Food

Street Food

Many markets sell coke, orange juice etc. In ice filled plastic bags with straws and handles on the bags, around 10 baht each.

Sausages, fish balls and spicy chicken on sticks are commonly found on street sellers trolleys.






You can also hire a private boat for a trip on the river near

Meal on a Private Boat Trip

Meal on a Private Boat Trip

bangkok, they will prepare food in advance and serve it to you whilst you enjoy a private tour on the river.


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