South Thailand sees Severe Flooding Again

Serious flooding has hit farsouthern Thailand in the aftermath of torrential rain unleashed by a tropical depression.

The stricken area is centered upon the city and province of Songkhla, which lies on the Malay Peninsula near Malaysia. Hat Yai city was “80 percent” underwater with 100,000 residents “stranded in their homes” according to the Hat Yai mayor.

Flood waters reportedly reached several meters deep, killing livestock and submerging homes and farmland.

Rail links between Malaysia and the rest of Thailand were cut as of Tuesday according to statements from the railways.

Authorities said that nearly six million people were adversely affected in some way.

The tropical depression tracked westward across the Malay Peninsula on Sunday into Monday.

This tropical weather system became a significant tropical cyclone later in the week.

Over the last three days (Thursday to Saturday), strong winds and heavy rain caused substantial flooding, and rain is likely to continue through the weekend.

Here are some pictures from Hua Sai, just south of Nakhon Si Thammarat and North of Songkhla.

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