Heavy Rains Hit South East Thailand

Over the past four days here in Hua Sai, we have seen heavy monsoon rains and tonight in particular, very strong winds. There have been several breaks in electricity supply due to the storms and some localised flooding in areas close by such as Nakhon Si Thammarat. There does not however appear to be any major flooding as yet.

Following the severe flooding in the North and Bangkok areas, it seemed destined that the storms would move south eventually, allthough being around 1,000 km south of Bangkok we had hoped it wouldn’t get down this far.

With the problems in Bangkok, it has been difficult down here getting some shopping items, with Tesco and Big C having very limited stocks of essential items such as drinking water, toilet and kitchen rolls, rice, pet food, fresh meat, canned foods and many other items. This is due to the impassible roads and distribution centre flooding making it impossible to get deliveries to the south. Seven-Eleven stores have also been affected by no or limited deliveries. Christmas in Thailand also seems to be on hold as the main retailers of Christmas items such as decorations, cards and Christmas food items, Tesco and Big C have not got anything to do with Christmas at all in their stores and have not put on any promotional displays. In previous years these atrted to appear late October/early November.

If the situation gets any worse regarding the storms, I will post more information here.



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